Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a New Week

Hey Guys, Happy Monday!! How many of us really get up on Monday mornings with a good outlook on the week?  How many of us have a certain morning routine we go thru?  Get up, use restroom, brush teeth, cup of coffee, get dressed, go to work....Our Bishop made a comment 1 time that "we need to get up and put on the HOLY SPIRIT just like we put our clothes on".  Ephesians chaper 6 really "hits the nail on the head", it really gives us the entire wardrobe.. One part of this wardrobe always hits me, and that is the "Belt of Truth" If you don't have the Truth your wardrobe won't stay together.  JESUS said HE is the WAY, TRUTH, and the LIFE, and if JESUS ain't the center of your life, you are really missing out... This week I really want to challenge everyone to really add this wardrobe to your closet and apply it everyday.  Hey I hope everyone has an awesome week.. God bless!

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